Winter Princess

Winter Princess Polar Poncho

Furry Fashions Jingle Belle

Chill Out

Angel & Skate Charms8.00 Big Bow Headband7.00

Jingle Bell Headband7.00 Pink Bow Clip5.00

Sequin Hair Baubles5.00 Skater Pony Holder5.00

Winter Snap clips6.00 Faux Fur Bag18.00

Blue Jingle Bell Hat14.00 Blue Jingle Bell Glove12.00

Blue Jingle Bell Scarf16.00

Pink Jingle Bell Hat14.00 Pink Jingle Bell Glove12.00

Pink Jingle Bell Scarf16.00

Snowflake Tight12.00 Fair Isle Tight12.00

Fair Isle Knee High6.00 Striped Sock5.00

Winterberry Sock5.00


Triple Ruffle Hem Dress32.00 Turtleneck Sweater Dress36.00

Pink Ruffle Skirt26.00 Sparkle Charm Corduroy Skirt26.00

Embroidered Berry Skort26.00

Pink Puffer Jacket49.00 Blue Puffer Jacket49.00

Striped Sweater Coat42.00 Striped Sweater Duster42.00

Striped Zip-Sweater Cardigan34.00 Snowflake Sweater34.00

Snowflake Turtleneck Sweater34.00 Sequined Fair Isle Sweater Cardigan34.00

Velour Skater Knit Cardigan28.00 Velour Angel Cardigan28.00

Striped Hooded Fleece Poncho24.50 Pink Hooded Fleece Poncho24.50

Purple Hooded Fleece Poncho24.50 Beaded Flower Tee19.50

Skater Girl Tee19.50 Short Sleeve Ribbon Angel Tee19.50

Long Sleeve Ribbon Angel Tee19.50 Winter Princess Tee19.50

Green Striped Star Tee16.50 Green Striped Star Turtleneck16.50

Striped Star Tee16.50 Purple Striped Star Turtleneck16.50

Pink Striped Star Turtleneck16.50 Pink Smocked Berry Tee16.50

Ivory Smocked Berry Tee16.50 Ivory Berry Print Turtleneck16.50

Pink Berry Print Turtleneck16.50 Ribbed Turtleneck12.50

Long Sleeve Tee12.50 Ribbed Turtleneck12.50

Long Sleeve Tee12.50 Ribbed Turtleneck12.50

Long Sleeve Tee12.50 Ribbed Turtleneck12.50

Skater Girl Jean36.00 Floral Hem Jean36.00

Sparkle Charm Corduroy Pant29.50 Sparkle Charm Corduroy Pant29.50

Sparkle Charm Corduroy Pant29.50 Sequined Pocket Velour Pant22.00

Sequined Pocket Velour Pant22.00 Mauve Berry Print Flare Pant16.50

Purple Berry Print Flare Pant16.50 Velour Flare Pant16.50

Berry Print Legging14.50 Light Purple Velour Legging14.50

Mauve Velour Legging14.50 Dark Wine Legging12.50

Purple Legging12.50

Baby Girl

   Just Heavenly Over Her Head

Flurries Angel Baby

Ice Dancer

Sweater Knit Crown Hat14.00 Sweater Knit Crown Mitten12.00

Fair Isle Tight12.00 Snowflake Tight12.00

Angel Sock5.00 Winterberry Sock5.00

Hair Curlies5.00 Pink Bow Clips5.00

Floral Corduroy Jumper32.00 Sweater Jumper36.00

Skater Knit Dress32.00 Triple Ruffle Denim Skirt26.00

Hooded Toggle Sweater Coat39.00 Striped Sweater Duster39.00

Angel Sweater32.00 Snowflake Sweater Top34.00

Striped Zip-Sweater Cardigan34.00 Snowflake Velour Cardigan28.00

Hooded Fleece Poncho24.50 Striped Hooded Poncho24.50

Hooded Velour Angel Cardigan28.00 Three Angels Tee19.50

Ribbon Angel Tee19.50 Sweet Angel Tee19.50

Embroidered A-line Top24.00 Keyhole A-line Top16.50

Ruched Sleeve Tee19.50 Green Winterberry Print Crew Bodysuit14.50

Green Winterberry Print Turtleneck Bodysuit14.50 Ivory Winterberry Print Crew Bodysuit14.50

Ivory Winterberry Print Turtleneck Bodysuit14.50 Ivory Bow Crewneck Bodysuit12.50

Ivory Bow Turtleneck Bodysuit12.50 Basic Crewneck Bodysuit12.50


Basic Turtleneck Bodysuit12.50

Ruched Sparkle Corduroy Pant30.00 Sparkle Ruffle-Hem Corduroy Pant30.00

Embroidered Denim Pant30.00 Velour Ruffle-Hem Pant22.50

Velour Ruffle-Hem Pant22.50 Winterberry Legging14.50

Winterberry Legging14.50 Purple Velour Legging14.50

Purple Knit Pant16.50 Pink Knit Pant16.50



Kid Girl - Fair Isle sweater, mitten pocket poncho, sequins and sparkle, ice skater logo, fur bag
Baby Girl - Snow Angel icon, snowflake tights, pink boots, ivory

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