Summer Safari


*Comes in Slim/Plus size

**Goes up to size 5T

@ online only item



Women's Palm Print Skirt@42.00Women's Sequin Tank Top@28.00


Big Girl

Growing UpThe Swing of Things

Bask in the GlowAccessor-ease

Golden GirlCat's Eye

Monkey Panty4.50Unicorn Panty4.50

Striped Flower Panty4.50Blooming Flower Panty4.50

Tiger Panty4.50Three Flower Panty4.50

Floral Ruffle Foldover Sock5.00Flower Foldover Sock5.00

Tiger Sunglasses9.50Flower Print Sunglasses9.50

Side Flower Sunglasses9.50

Kid Girl Tiger and Flower Snapclips6.00Floral Tubular 3-Pack6.00

Gold Braided Headband7.00Flower Printed Big Bow6.00

Flower Pony Holder5.00Flower Snap Clips5.00

Monkey Snap Clip 4-Pack6.00Corsage Hat14.50

Corsage Bag16.50Golden Braided Belt12.50

Elephant and Monkey Charms8.00

Metallic Flower Flip Flop24.50Stitched Leather Sandal28.50

Women's Palm Print Skirt42.00Women's Sequin Tank Top28.50

Palm Reading32.50Floral Print Dress32.50

Sleeveless Pieced Dress32.50Flower Print Knit Dress32.50

Kid Girl Slim/Plus Denim Bow Skort*19.50Kid Girl Slim/Plus Khaki Bow Skort*19.50

Kid Girl Tiger Print Skort26.50Mixed Print Skort26.50

Flower Print Knit Skort26.50Ruffle-Hem Denim Skort26.50

Delicate Sweater Shrug28.50Floral Print Woven Top22.50

Mixed Print Woven Top22.50Flower Print Woven Top22.50

Flower Corsage Tank16.50Desert Rose Tank16.50

Flower Hem Tee19.50Monkey Tee19.50

Keyhole Flower Tee19.50Darling Daughter Tee19.50

Daddy's Girl Tee19.50Kid Girl Tiger Tee19.50

Summer Safari Tee19.50Rose Double-Layer Tee12.50

Yellow Double-Layer Tee12.50Bow Elephant Tank10.50

Bow Flower Tank10.50Floral Bow Tank12.50

Ruffle-Hem Denim Capri34.50Flower-Dangle Capri32.50

Knit Gaucho20.00Floral Print Knit Capri20.00

Kid Girl Tiger Stitched Bermuda Short26.50Flower Accent Short26.50

Sequined Short26.50Floral Print Knit Short14.50

Orange Ruffle-Pocket Knit Short12.50Green Ruffle-Pocket Knit Short12.50


Baby Girl


Tons of FunJungle Baby

Friends All AroundSunny Delight

Bohemian Baby

Tiger Sunglasses9.50Flower Print Sunglasses9.50

Side Flower Sunglasses9.50

Floral Curlies5.00Baby Girl Tiger Curlies5.00

Ruffled Hat12.50

Elephant Crib Shoes19.50Stitched Faux-Leather Sandal28.50

Printed Tennis Shoe28.50Elephant Sock5.00

Floral Ruffle Foldover Sock5.00

Plush Elephant Bag14.50

Little Elephant Woven Bubble28.50Mixed Print Woven Two-Piece Set29.50

Baby Girl Tropical Print Woven Dress32.50Little Jungle Friends Woven Dress**32.50

Sleeveless Floral Woven Dress**32.50Ruffle-Back Denim Skirt**19.50

Trimmed Woven Full Skort**26.50Mixed Print Floral Skort**26.50

Baby Girl Tiger Kitty Tee19.50Strappy Mix-Print Woven Top**22.50

Floral Print Woven Top**22.50Orange Corsage Tank**16.50

Little Elephant Ruffle Tank**19.50Little Elephant Knit A-line Tank**22.50

Bohemian Baby Tee**19.50I Love Grandpa Tee**19..50

Daddy's Girl Tee**19.50Elephant Bow Tank**10.50

Monkey Bow Tank**10.50Giraffe Bow Tank**10.50

Floral Denim Capri**30.00Ruffled Knit Capri**20.00

Little Elephant Ruffled Denim Short**22.50Baby Girl Tiger Ruffle Bloomer14.50

Mixed Print Bloomer**16.50Orange Ruffle-Pocket Knit Short**12.50

Savannah Rose Ruffle-Pocket Knit Short**12.50Floral Print Ruffle-Pocket Knit Short**14.50