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Welcome to Gymbohaven Shipping!


I know a lot of ladies live outside the shipping area of Gymboree.com. So we are offering to ship to you!! We've done this for over a year now and have had a great success with it.

Its as easy as it can get! You order, ship it to us, we check the shipment - email you gymbuck/coupon codes that came with it, box it back up and ship it to you!

Does it cost anything? Yes, there is a small fee of $10 per box. No matter how big the box is!

How do you fill out the customs form? We do not mark it as a gift. We put Clothing as the description and mark the insurance as the value you paid for it.

Want to sign up? Just email me at admin@gymbohaven.com and I'll email you back with more information :)



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