Romantic Garden

**goes up to size 12

@ adjustable waist is available

! online only

Satin Trim Knit Dress34.00 Floral Print Knit Dress**34.00

Flower Corsage Jumper34.00 Pleated Denim Skort**@ 26.00

Floral Pieced Skort**@ 26.00 Floral Corduroy Skort**@ 26.00

Knit Ribbon Skort22.00 Knit Ribbon Skort22.00

Satin-Trim Knit Skort**22.00 Floral Print Knit Skort**20.00

Short Sleeve Birds of a Feather Tee**19.50 Long Sleeve Birds of a Feather Tee**19.50

Short Sleeve Sequined Neckline Tee**19.50 Long Sleeve Sequined Neckline Tee**19.50

Ribbon Flower Tee**19.50 Long Sleeve Striped Rhinestone Tee**19.50

Short Sleeve Striped Rhinestone Tee**16.50 Long Sleeve Fairy Tee19.50

Short Sleeve Fairy Tee19.50 Sequined Hummingbird Tee**19.50

V-neck A-line Top24.00 Button-Front Flower Top24.00

Satin Trim Hooded Cardigan**28.00 Ribbon Flower Sweater**34.00

Floral Corduroy Jacket**39.00 Short Sleeve Smocked Floral Tee16.50

Long Sleeve Smocked Floral Tee16.50 Long Sleeve Smocked Ditzy Print Tee**16.50

Short Sleeve Smocked Ditzy Tee**16.50 Short Sleeve Smocked Big Bloom Tee**16.50

Sequined Sweater Cardigan**34.00 Short Sleeve Floral A-line Top24.00

Long Sleeve Floral A-line Top24.00 Satin Bow Tee12.50

Satin Bow Tee**12.50 Satin Bow Tee12.50

Basic Jean**@ 28.50 Cinched-Hem Crop Utility Pant**34.00

Floral Print Knit Flare Pant**20.00 Rhinestone denim Pant**@ 36.00

Cinched-Hem Crop Utility Pant**34.00 Cinched-Hem Crop Utility Pant**34.00

Floral Print Legging14.50 Floral Print Legging14.50

Basic Legging12.50 Basic Legging12.50

Basic Legging12.50 Bike Short10.50

Bike Short10.50 Bike Short10.50

Floral Print Bike Short12.50 Big Bloom Bike Short12.50

Corduroy Backpack19.50 Corduroy Backpack19.50

Corduroy Handbag18.00

Knee Sock5.25 Knee Socks5.25

Floral Knee High6.00Pointelle Tight12.00

Satin Ruffle Floral Sock5.00 Satin Ruffle Floral Sock5.00

  Flower Sock5.00 Floral Cuff Sock5.00

Mary Janes36.00 Maryjane36.00

Mini-Cord Bucket Hat12.00Crochet Hat14.00

Crochet Rosette Hat14.00

Ribbon Rosette Pony Holder6.00 Denim Rhinestone Headband7.00

Ribbon Pony Holder6.00 Ribbon Pony Holder6.00

Ribbon Flower Snap Clips6.00 Fairy Pony Holder5.00

Bow Clip6.00Rose Hair Clips6.00

Pink Curly Loops5.00 Lavender Curly Loops5.00


Floral Border Dress32.00 Tiered Floral Dress32.00

Sweater Jumper36.00 Floral Print Ruffle Skirt26.00

Denim Embroidery Skirt26.00

Short Sleeve Embroidered Sprig Bodysuit16.50 Long Sleeve Embroidered Sprig Bodysuit16.50

Ribbon Flower Sleeveless Tee24.00 Short Sleeve Birds of a Feather Tee19.50

Long Sleeve Songbird Tee19.50 Short Sleeve Songbird Tee19.50

Short Sleeve Satin-Trim Top24.00 Wide Strap Floral Top24.00

Pointelle Embroidered Cardigan36.00 Velour Hoodie Cardigan26.00

Short Sleeve Smocked A-line Top24.00 Crochet-Collar Cardigan32.00

Wrap Flower Pullover30.00 Satin Bow Tee12.50

Satin Bow Tee12.50


Embroidered Denim Pant30.00 Embroidered Crop Pant30.00

Tie-Hem Woven Utility Pant30.00 Flower Sprig Legging14.50

Floral Print Legging14.50 Botanical Print Legging14.50

Double Ruffle Knit Pant16.50 Double Ruffle Knit Pant16.50

Velour Ruffle Pant24.00


Baby Girl


There's a hoody pink with satin trim down the sleeves, striped tee with ruffle hem and scrunch at the chest/neckline, jeans with rhinestones in color all over the top, circle ponyo with ribbon strands all over

There's an off white shirt with flower and fairy on the chest, matching off white sweater with ribbon flowers all over the chest - button down and scrunch tight waist design (like in GC pink sweater), burgundy pants with scrunched ankles and bows on them, flowers embroidered on the upper leg. Big Bow 4 layers! fancy pink socks with flowers all over and satin ruffle around the fold down area.

Short sleeved off white dress with satin ribbing around neckline, keyhole back, and three rows across the waist. Floral print all over. Basic white knee highs and burgundy buckle shoes maryjane style.

Off white short sleeve tee with flowers embroidered on the one side of chest, SILK flowers too! light olive pants with flowers embroidered all the way down the one leg (like the ones from wildflower fields but much nicer!) pair of silk flower clippies.

Basic jean skort(skirt) with pleats all around, basic pink long sleeved tee with sparkles around the neckline, burgundy coat/jacket with floral print all over TDF! matching knee high socks in burgundy with flowers on the ankle.

Baby Girl

Pink swing top with vneck and smocked shoulders with colored stitching through them (like hte BP smocked top) ruffled cap sleeves, embroidered and silk flowers on the chest. Burgundy pants with same flowers on the upper leg, split at ankle with bow. pink socks with flowers and satin ruffle in burgundy at fold over.

purple lavender jumper with flowers around the bottom (like on the WF pants stitching) and the smocked style waist with colored stitching through it. Off white caridigan with knitted collar, wrists and silk flowers on the one side of chest, scalloped edges. Off white socks with flowes on fold over area. Knitted matching cap with silk flowers on the front.

Off white top with pink/burgundy singing birds in a nest of leaves 'birds of a feather' printed under it, capped ruffled sleeves. Skirt(skort) is burgundy with floral print all over. pink and white loopy barrettes.

Same olive pants as Kid Girl and matching lavender top with square neckline and piping around the middle all over floral print. lavender and off white loopy barrettes.

Criss Cross pink sweater top with sweater material rose on the bottom side, ruffles wrists and around waist. Jean skirt(skort) with same floral print on olive pants. pink sweater rosettes barrettes.





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