Parisian Rose

Colors : Peacoat, Tiger pink, Barely pink

! online only

@ available in Slim/Plus



Mom Sassy Eyelet Jacket!69.50Mom Corsage Tank!29.50

Mom Layered Rose Skirt!48.50

Kid Girl



Kid Girl Embroidered Silk Dress49.50Kid Girl Rose Corsage Dress42.50

Kid Girl Eyelet Dress49.50Bow Sash Dress42.50

Dot Dress32.50Rose and Dot Dress32.50

Ruffled Dot Skort26.50Rose Print Knit Skort26.50

Kid Girl Layered Rose Skirt26.50

Eyelet Trim Coat59.50Kid Girl Sassy Eyelet Jacket39.50

Kid Girl Rose Cardigan34.50Bow Cardigan34.50

Kid Girl Eyelet Top24.50Kid Girl Tier Dot Top24.50

Little Lady Tank16.50Satin Bow Tank14.50

Corsage A-line Tee22.50Kid Girl Embroidered Rose Top19.50

Ribbon Tee19.50Lil Rose Tee19.50

Pretty Princess Tee19.50Pink Braided Tank10.50

Morning Glory Pink Braided Trim Tank Top10.50

Dot Bermuda Short@26.50Rose Denim Pant@36.50

Kid Girl Dot Capri@34.50Kid Girl Eyelet Capri34.50

Dot Bike Short12.50Rose and Dot Bike Short12.50

Pink Bike Short10.50

Rose Print Boxer9.50Rose Cami9.50

Dot Panty4.50Rose Dot Panty4.50

KG Rose Flip Flop29.50Baby Girl Embroidered Rose Sandal29.50

KG Patent Mary Jane Shoe34.50Baby Girl Patent Mary Jane Shoe34.50

Prewalk Rose Mary Jane24.50

Easter Bunny Basket14.50Kid Gloves9.50

Rose Purse24.50Wicker Bow Bag18.50

Oversize Patent Belt12.50Bunny Ears9.50

Pink Oversize Sunglasses9.50Roses Sunglasses9.50

Navy Polka Dot Sunglasses9.50Pearl Bauble Necklace9.50

Pink Bauble Necklace9.50Ribbon and Rhinestone Watch14.0

Kid Girl Straw Flower Hat14.50Kid Girl Eyelet Bow Hat14.50

BG Ribbon Hat14.50Baby Girl Rose Hat12.50

Baby Girl Eyelet Bow Hat14.50

Baby Girl Eyelet Ruffle Rose Tight12.50Kid Girl Rose Tight12.50

Kid Girl Eyelet Foldover Sock6.00Baby Girl Eyelet Foldover Sock6.00

BG Rose Foldover Sock5.00Baby Girl Allover Rose Sock5.00

Kid Girl Allover Rose Sock5.00Allover Bow Sock KG5.00

Eyelet Bow Clip Two-Pack6.00Mini Curlies Hair Clip Two-Pack5.00

Rose Curly Clip Two-Pack5.00Ribbon Rosette Bow Clip Two-Pack5.00

Eyelet Bow Headband7.00Pink Grosgrain Bow Headband7.00

Rosette Clip Two-Pack7.00Rosette Pony Holder5.00

Dot Curly Pony Holder Two-Pack5.00Rose and Bow Snap Clip Four-Pack6.00

Dot Bow Clip6.00


Baby Girl


Baby Girl Eyelet Dress49.50Baby Girl Rose Corsage Dress42.50

Eyelet Bow Dress42.50Baby Girl Embroidered Silk Dress49.50

Rose and Dot Dress32.50Rose Skirted Bloomer22.50

Baby Girl Rose Crop Cardigan32.50Baby Girl Tier Dot Top24.50

Baby Girl Eyelet Top24.50Smocked Rose A-line Top22.50

Rosette Dot Top22.50Satin Bow Tank14.50

Lil Rosebud Tee19.50Lil Lady Tee19.50

Prism Pink Braided Tank10.50

Baby Girl Eyelet Capri30.00Baby Girl Dot Capri30.00

Rose Denim Crop Pant30.00Rose and Dot Pant16.50

Dot Short22.50Rose and Dot Bike Short12.50

Smocked Dot One-Piece28.50Eyelet Two-Piece Set29.50

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