A little bit about me - I found Once Upon A Family through a friend and fell in love with their products!

I knew immediately that this could help my daughter adjust to her new home and help us build a tradition that she could take with her incase we had to move again (which we did). We moved 8 times in 8 years and Amber was heading into her 4th school. Due to the military and then getting a civilian job, we ended up in IL. BUT through all this Amber was able to take with her little pieces of each place we had been. We start from our last home and worked backwards. Before we left our last home she was given a picture of all her friends in the neighborhood, (they had even signed it!) thus began her friends wall - we went back and found pictures of all the houses and friends - and hung them on her wall. So she could see each of them and remember the good times! She loves it!!
It's the traditions that gets us through the rough times and it's the family that's there to help catch us and hold our hands.

Once Upon A Family is all about connections and building on those bonds. From moms who have teens leaving the nest, to moms with kindergarteners starting this year, including moms with preteens like myself. Once Upon a Family has been the best gift to us! I hope it is for you too!!

Amy Serpe

Independent Consultant


Go to Products, Start Shopping and then choose the event 'Gymbohaven'  and browse the site!





I have loved sharing these products with everyone but the reason I chose OUAF was the company. They have looked out for me as well as my customers.

We have Points Rewards - with every $1 sold we earn 1 point. No matter how much we sell each month. The points can then be turned in for business supplies or products for yourself or to add to your kit. I never spend money on OUAF - I earn it all for free!

 We have Bonuses - quarterly they give us the opportunity to purchase any three products at 40% off. All we had to do to earn the bonus was sell $200 the month of redemption or the month before. I use this all the time for gifts!

We have Support - with weekly team conference calls that goes over any questions we have - to weekly conference calls with members at corporate who go over topics to help us grow in ever way possible! Trish at customer service has been my best resource for any questions my sponsor couldn't answer and she responds the same day if I email her.

We really have the best company to work for!



Everyone is talking about the slumping U.S. economy. Even the Government has a plan ~ the Economic Stimulus Plan ~ a plan that will pump billions of dollars right into the hands of families across the United States. Checks in the amount of $300+ are being mailed throughout the month of May.

Once Upon a Family is announcing a “stimulus plan” of it’s own for new MAY CONSULTANTS who are looking for a way to pump even more money into their family finances. If you know of any prospects who want to jump into our business and be richly rewarded right away, here are the details of our amazing “stimulus plan”:

A NEW MAY CONSULTANT has from her start date until July 31, 2008 to submit $500. Once she does, she earns DOUBLE COMMISSION for that entire period of time.

It’s too good to be true...just like the FREE money coming to you from good ole Uncle Sam. It’s another Economic Stimulus Plan...Once Upon a Family Style.

 This would be the time sign up and work at home to earn a little extra.

*I'll let you in on a little secret - I can take the entire summer off from OUAF and spend it with my daughter Amber. Spending my days outside in the sun and going on vacation. I start right back up when she goes back to school! Just email me to find out how...







All items are Directly shipped to your guests and you receive tons of rewards this fall!



All Celebrations with over $200 in sales - The hostess gets a Tradition Album and Sack FREE!



Choose Any of our 12 Tradition Albums!

The one pictured is our Mothers Day Book

Product # TT005

Mothers Day Book This beautiful silk album is the perfect place to preserve your Mother's Day photos. We suggest placing one photo, each year, in these 25 page fold-out books, of your family engaged in your favorite Mother's Day tradition. Then bring them out two weeks before the holiday for everyone to enjoy.
7.25” x 7.25,” 25 pages

Price: $32.00 (FREE!! to Hostess!)

Choose Any of our 12 Tradition Sacks!

The one pictured is our Mothers Day Sack
Product # TS005

Use some lovely "Rose Petal Surprises" to decorate your Mother's Day brunch table, or as a trail that leads to her special gift. This special touch will show Mom just how much you really care. Includes ivory-colored faux rose petals
Dimensions: Each Rose Petal Measures 2" x 2.25"

Price: $7.00(FREE!! to Hostess!)




Hostess Rewards


Total Retail Sales

1/2 Price Awards


Host Dollars to Spend!

$200 plus

One 1/2 price item

Standard Rates Apply


$300 plus

Two 1/2 price item

Standard Rates Apply

10% of Sales = $30+

$500 plus

Three 1/2 price item


15% of Sales = $75+

$1000 plus

Four 1/2 price item


20% of Sales = $200+



AND.... When your Guest books a date for a Celebration, held within 45 days of your Celebration, you receive one 1/2 price item of
your choice (retail value of $35 or less) for every booking made.


Book a Celebration TODAY!



Customer Specials

April CUSTOMER Specials


Customers who purchase $50 get a set of the Family Tree Booklets, SI023, FREE!

(a $16 retail value)


Visit Once Upon A Family and discover a family tradition!

Go to Products, Start Shopping and then choose the event 'Gymbohaven'  and browse the site!



Email me if you have any question.





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