Love is in the Air

@ available in Slim/Plus

Colors: Barely pink, Young wheat, Toasted coconut, Blue opal, Morning glory, Olive haze



Kid Girl

Hooded Raincoat42.50Flower Umbrella14.50

Flower Print Rain Boot24.50

Flower Heart Print Knit Dress32.50Mixed Print Dress34.50

Sequin Flower Denim Skort@26.50Mixed Print Skort26.50

Bubble Skort22.50


Flower Sleeve Pointelle Cardigan34.0Heart Hoodie28.50

Flower Print Top24.50Flower Print Bubble Top24.50

Sleeveless Ruffle Neck Tee14.50Short Sleeve Ruffle Neck Tee19.50

Embroidered A-line Tee22.50Short Sleeve Flower Vine Tee19.50

Long Sleeve Flower Vine Tee19.50Mixed Print Appliqué Tee19.50

Girl with Bouquet Tee19.50Love Bird Tee19.50

White Heart Tee19.50Sequin Flower Belted Top24.50

Light Green Tee12.50Barely pink Tee12.50

White Tee12.50

Flower Pocket Cargo Pant@32.50Flower Pocket Crop Pant@32.50

Heart Ribbon Denim Clamdigger@36.50Flower Flare Leg Pant34.50

Heart Cuff Gaucho Pant22.50Blue Opal Lace Capri Legging12.50

Pink Lace Capri Legging12.50Flower Print Capri Legging14.50

Wallpaper Flower Print Capri Legging14.50Blue opal Tie Capri Pant16.50

Light Green Tie Capri Pant16.50Barely pink Tie Capri Pant16.50

Appliqué Pocket Short26.50Blue opal Braided Pocket Knit Short12.50

Morning Glory Pink Braided Pocket Knit Short12.50

Crochet Espadrille KG29.50Crochet Espadrille BG29.50

Heart Flower Vine Tight KG12.50Heart Flower Vine Tight BG12.50

Barely Pink Lace Cuff Footless Tight KG8.50Barely Pink Lace Cuff Footless Tight BG8.50

Blue Opal Lace Cuff Footless Tight8.50

Flower Sock KG5.00Flower Sock BG5.00

Flower Check Pattern Sock KG5.00Flower Check Pattern Sock BG5.00

Circle Flower Heart Print Panty4.50Stripe Flower Print Panty4.50

Ditzy Flower Print Panty4.50Flower Print Panty4.50

Flower Belt12.50Ruffle Ribbon Purse16.50

Pink Frame Sunglasses9.50Blue Dot Frame Sunglasses9.50

Mixed Print Sunhat KG12.50Mixed Print Sunhat BG12.50

Mixed Print Headband6.00

Grosgrain Ribbon Bow Clip Two-Pack5.00Flower Print Curly Clip Two-Pack5.00

Curly Pony Holder Two-Pack5.00Flower Clip Two-Pack6.00

Heart and Flower Clip Four-Pack6.00Heart Pony Holder Two-Pack6.00

Ribbon Pony Holder Two-Pack6.00Blue Opal Bow Clip Two-Pack5.00

Prism Pink Bow Clip Two-Pack5.00Yellow Bow Clip Two-Pack5.00

White Bow Clip Two-Pack5.00Barely Pink Bow Clip Two-Pack5.00


Baby Girl

Hooded Raincoat42.50Dot Flower Rainboot24.50

Flower Print Dress32.50Flower Trim Jumper32.50

Stripe Smocked Dress32.50Mixed Print Ruffle Skort26.50

Lace Up Ribbon Denim Skort26.50Blue Opal Bubble Skort22.50

Barely Pink Bubble Skort22.50

Patchwork Hearts Cardigan32.50Interlaced Mixed Print Cardigan32.50

Mixed Print Ruffle Hoodie28.50Mixed Print Ruffle Top22.50

Flower Smocked Bubble Top22.50Patchwork Bodice Top22.50

Bow Lace Trim Top22.50Lace Trim Ruffle Top22.50

Eyelet Lace Sleeve Tee19.50Tree with Blossoms Tee19.50

Flower Collar Bodysuit16.50Pink Flutter Sleeve Bodysuit12.50

White Flutter Sleeve Bodysuit12.50Blue Opal Bow Tee12.50

Light Green Bow Tee12.50Pink Bow Tee12.50

White Bow Tee12.50



Patchwork Appliqué Shortall28.50Patchwork Appliqué Overall28.50

Garden Flower Print Short22.50Patchwork Appliqué Pant30.00

Flower Ruffle Crop Pant30.00Ribbon Denim Crop Pant24.50

Flower Lace Crop Denim Pant30.00Mixed Print Ruffle Knit Pant20.00

Flower Print Capri Legging16.50Ditsy Flower Print Capri Legging16.50

Blue Opal Tie Capri Pant16.50Pink Tie Capri Pant16.50



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