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I hope that you find all your answers here - if not email me and ask away, I'll respond as soon as possible .


What is is a line identification and informational site for future, current and past of the Gymboree brands clothing lines for girls, boys and layette.

We do not sell any Gymboree clothing. We are not associated with Gymboree Corporate.


How did Gymbohaven begin?
Gymbohaven used to be a little site attached to Amy's Santa Letter site. It had a few lines and nothing more. Then more Gymboree enthusiasts began to visit the site, Amy realized the need for an open public website and the large demand for it. There was a contest held for the name of the future site and Gymbohaven emerged. 

Just two rules that we have that allow us to keep the site... We can not put any lookbook pictures on the site until a line is released and we can not charge anyone to see the site.

It has slowly grown to include more lines, information and more of the gymboree brand lines. Amy is always open to suggestions and comments to help make the site better and easily traveled.


What's is Gymbohaven-Boutique? We have tons of moms that make items that match Gymboree, Janie and Jack and more! We've listed their banners on this page. Some run SPECIALS just for Gymbohaven members so make sure you take a peek! 

Do you want to appear on the Gymbohaven-Boutique page?  It's only $5 a month. Just shoot me an email with your banner and link and I'll check out your website. Then I'll send you an email with all the details :)


How do I use the site?

Do you want to see the lines? Choose Gymboree or JanieandJack - then go down the list and choose the size range you want to explore. All the lines will appear on the page and will be listed in order of when they came out from present to past. Click on the line name and the entire line will show in a new window.

(the site may be missing pictures of certain items due to late sku numbers or when the line was placed on the Gymbohaven site the pictures were no longer available - if you have some for the Gymbohaven to use, please email them to

I want to find a store nearby ~ Click on the Store Listings button and find them in alphabetical order by State. The stores are not updated as we are waiting for a new list to come out. But there are tons listed! They used to go by tiers (Gymboree had set up their stores so that each one has a level of inventory that it will receive. Their level or TIER is based on their sales and store capacity. Tier 1 receives everything, Tier 2 receives the almost same minus a handful of specialty tier 1 items, Tier 3 receives a smaller amount and the lowest of them all is a Tier 4 (I haven't seen too many of these). 


Can you tell me how to get the right size in older lines?
Yes. Gymboree has changed their sizing several times over the past few years. Under Gymboree lines there is a Sizing Chart that lists all the change overs. Including the newest one for boys up to size 12, girls up to size 12 including plus, slim and husky as well as size 5T for baby boy and girl.




Why should I sign up for the Gymbohaven Newsletter?

I send out t he Gymbohaven Newsletter whenever I get new information, sales are coming up or coming to a close. You just need to sign up your email, verify it when you receive an email ( from - its the host I use for the newsletter) and just keep an eye out for new additions. I keep an archive online just incase you delete it. 


I ask that you don't mark the email SPAM (AOL and other email hosts have this) it will remove you once its reported as spam and block you from ever getting the newsletter.


Can I use Gymbohaven's pictures for Ebay?
No. Gymbohaven places copyrighted Gymboree Corp. pictures under agreement on the site. They can not be right clicked and copied to Ebay. Gymboree and Gymbohaven are both members of the VERO program on Ebay - if auctions are found to host Gymbohaven pictures they will be removed with out warning to the seller. Gymbohaven's ebay ME page explains it in more detail.


Line Id - How to tell which line it is from?
This does get hard since there are so many out there and the tags have changed several times with the sizing. Some tags have dates on them - example - a date of 2002, 99% of the time its made a year before it comes out, which means that it came out in late 2002 - 2003. Gymbohaven goes all the way back to 2001 and I hope you can find what your looking for within those lines :)

I ask that you use this site before sending me a picture to help identify. I can get overloaded quickly during high ebay season with these requests and can't answer them all. Thanks :)


What are Gymbucks?
Gymbucks are a coupon for $25 off a $50 purchase (before shipping and after discounts are applied). They are earned on ever $50 purchase made through a certain 'Earning' period. Then you can redeem them during 'Redemption' time. 

They run this a couple times a year and I will have that info on the Gymbucks' page.

You can use them online or in the store. Online - during checkout just put in the code and pin number located on the back of the gymbuck or at the top of the online order receipt. Its instant use and is very easy to do :)

Instore the gymbucks need to be stapled to the receipt and handed over to use.


What happens if I return an item purchased with Gymbucks?
Rules are always changing and some stores do have their own rules that they seem to follow. The majority of the stores do allow you to return merchandise purchased with Gymbucks in exchange for an item of equal value. The rule does stand that you do get what you paid (item price minus gymbuck discount) returned in the form you paid with.


Can I get a price adjustment?
Yes - within 7 days you can get a price adjustment if the item has gone down in price from what your originally purchased it at. Only one PA will be allowed per item. There are some sales that they will not allow you to get price adjustments like Gymbuck purchases.

A one-time price adjustment will be permitted within 7 days of initial purchase with original receipt. For price adjustments for online orders, bring the entire packing slip to any Gymboree store or mail it to Gymboree Online Store, Attn: Price Adjustments, 2299 Kids Way, Dixon, CA 95620. Forms must be postmarked within 7 days of order date noted on the packing slip. All adjustments are refunded in the original form of payment. - per website.


What is the time limit on returns ?
Right now Gymboree has just recently changed their policy from 6 months to 60 days and anything after 180 days - all sales are final.

A merchandise credit will be issued for returns more than 60 days after the purchase date for the price paid. A return/exchange or gift receipt does not serve as an original receipt. - per website


What are Tiers and What does Cold.Warm.Temperate mean?

Tiers are the levels the store use for inventory. The higher the tier the more items they receive.

Tier 1 - the most items and size 10,12 and 5T.

Tier 2 - smaller amt of items. (not including the 10, 12 and 5T)

Tier 3 - is the smallest store with 2 of each size normally. (not including the 10, 12 and 5T)


Most stores are in climates that determine what items their stores receive. 

Cold stores receive turtlenecks and snow accessories.

Warm stores receive the shirt that matches the turtleneck and some light weight jackets.

Temperate stores receive both.


You can ask your store associate if its not listed on the Store Listings page.


Yahoo Groups what are they? is a great place to go and search for Gymboree, Gap, Baby lulu and more. You'll find groups of ladies that have signed up together to sell, buy and search for items they are looking for. It's an email system that allows thousands of people to email 'their yahoo group' and then that email goes out to everyone in that group. 

Gymbohaven has a yahoogroup at feel free to sign up! You do need to have 100 feedback or more on ebay since its a selling/trading/buying group as well as a chat group.


Why does accept donations?
The site is open and free for all to use. Unfortunately it is not free to run the site. It costs approx. $250 dollars a year to host the site. With each years expansion and increased usage of the site it costs more each year. Amy only accepts donations until the $250 for the year is hit and then all donations are returned and/or asked to be made to any charity organization that supports children.

All ladies who have donated in the past are on our Thank you's page.


   is not affiliated with Gymboree Corp. in any way other than the appreciation of their adorable clothing. Boys, Girls and Layette clothing are trademarks of Gymboree Corp.
No one affiliated with this page is a representative or contact of Gymboree Corp.
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