Bon Voyage

Colors: New Navy, Apple Jasper, Jet Ivory


Kid Girl

@ available in Slim/Plus


Baby Girl

*Diaper cover

**Diaper cover up to 3T, under short for 4T and 5T

*** Up to size 3T




Kid Girl

Striped Shirtdress34.50Allover Heart Dress34.50

Knit Sailor Dress34.50Anchor Button Denim Jumper34.50

Red Anchor Skort24.50Allover Heart Skort24.50

Grey Anchor Skort24.50Red Skort24.50

Sailor Skort@26.50Denim Skort22.50

Anchor Heart Cardigan28.50Anchor Dangle Denim Jacket39.50

Stripe Ribbon Hoodie28.50Anchor Heart Cardigan34.50

Smocked Bodice Sweater34.50Red Anchor Polo19.50

Grey Stripe Anchor Polo Shirt19.50Navy Stripe Anchor Polo Shirt19.50

Ivory Anchor Polo Shirt19.50Stripe Tie Neck Top24.50

All Decked Out Layer Tee19.50Heart Layer Tee19.50

SS Cutie Pie Tee19.50SS Cutie Pie Long Sleeve Tee19.50

Stripe Captain Top24.50Allover Heart Top24.50

SS Cutie Pie Anchor Tee19.50Captain of Hearts Top24.50

Stripe Tunic Top24.50Anchor Heart Tunic Top19.50

Ribbon Knit Pant22.50Cargo Knit Pant22.50

Grey Knit Pant19.50Red Knit Pant19.50

Navy Knit Pant19.50Heart Denim Bootcut Pant@36.50

Bootcut Jean@28.50Zipper Pocket Denim Pant28.50

Zipper Pocket Denim Flare Pant@28.50Heart Denim Bootcut Pant28.50

Anchor Heart Flare Pant@34.50Sailor Pant34.50

Anchor Legging14.50Heart  Legging14.50

Red Legging12.50Red Bike Short10.50

Anchor One-Piece Swimsuit@22.50Stripe Trim Tankini22.50

Stripe Bow Back Clip6.00Stripe Snap Clip Two-Pack6.00

Heart and Stripe Baubles5.00Stripe Bow Pony Holder7.00

Heart and Anchor Bows5.00Red Heart Curlies5.00

Heart and Anchor Pony Holder6.00Heart Headband7.00

Bow Clip Two-Pack7.00Clear Rhinestone Clip5.00

White Rhinestone Clip5.00Red Rhinestone Clip5.00

Blue Rhinestone Clip5.00Sequin Heart Coin Purse12.50

Anchor Tote16.50Stripe Elastic Belt12.50

Heart and Anchor Watch12.50Heart and Stripe Bauble Bracelet8.00

Anchor Charm Necklace9.50Anchor Stripe Sunglasses9.50

Red Footless Bow Tight KG8.50Heart and Anchor Tight KG12.50

Navy Pom Pom Sock KG5.00Heart Stripe Sock KG5.00

Stripe Knee-High Sock KG6.00Heart and Anchor Foldover Sock KG5.00

Heart Knee-High Sock KG6.00Red Knee-High Sock KG5.25

Allover Heart and Anchor Sock BG5.00Ivory Ruffle Sock BG5.00

Allover Heart and Anchor Tight BG12.50

Puff Captain's Cap KG14.50Puff Hat BG14.50

Sailor Hat BG14.50

Patent Bow Flat KG34.50Heart Mary Jane KG34.50

Glitter Knotted Slide KG29.50

Heart and Anchor Sneaker BG24.50Heart Mary Jane BG34.50





Baby Girl

Heart and Anchor Denim Jumper**32.50Heart and Anchor Dress**32.50

Allover Heart Dress*32.50Sailor Dress*32.50

Sailor Button Bloomer22.50Heart Swing Skirt26.50

Heart Pocket Hoodie28.50Heart and Anchor Sweater32.50

Sailor Collar Cardigan28.50Anchor Crop Sweater30.00

Dad Heart Tee19.50S.S. Cutie Pie Tee19.50

Stripe Anchor Tee19.50Heart Sash Top24.50

Allover Heart Dangle Top24.50Heart and Anchor Top24.50

Sailor Collar Top24.50Stripe Top14.50

Heart and Anchor Bodysuit16.50

Heart and Anchor Denim Short22.50Sailor Knit Pant20.00

Sailor Button Capri Pant30.00Heart Pocket Embroidered Pant30.00

Heart Pocket Knit Pant20.00Anchor Hem Denim Capri Pant30.00

Heart Knit Capri Pant14.50Heart and Anchor Knit Capri Pant14.50

Navy Knit Capri Pant12.50Red Knit Capri Pant12.50

Heart and Anchor Overall***28.50Heart and Anchor Shortall***28.50

Sailor Two-Piece Set***26.50

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