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My blog...




~~ 8/11/2007~~


My parents just left to go back to NY Sat morning. We get to see them once a year for a week.. Last year after we moved yet again we spent a month out there with them. I sure miss them but I think a week is enough LOL. We shopped and hung out. I got two days without Amber for the first time in months. It was nice to have a lunch date with my mom and not have a little one next to me demanding my attention. (I know Ambers not so little anymore but she's still a handful :)


Mikes in chicago for the weekend. He had a huge xbox convention for a site called 2old2play.com. It was odd not having anyone here for the last two days but Amber and me. After all the hussle and bussle going on.


Its his dads bday today so he's heading out there before coming home. He's turning 76 this year. After the cancer, losing his left leg and all the battles he's has to get over these past few years, the man surprises me still. He just drove to vegas and back for vacation. He still has the energy and spirit of a teenager. He's had a couple fall backs recently with his diabetes but I'm sure he'll jump over this obstacle like the rest.


My preteen is starting school soon on the 24th. Yep one day and then the weekend off to get them adjusted. A little odd but heck its one day. Shes going into 5th grade. I can't beleive it. I soooo need another one lol. I miss how she was when she was little. We still sleep with teddy and mr teddy (our bears) and the same blanket from when she was 2yrs old. But she is definitly a preteen.







Its my bday!! I'm an old fart at 31!


I can't believe that its been 6 months already. At christmas we received the news we were moving again. The 8th time in 8 years. But we got through it!!


We are now living in Illinois. A little but out in the country side, there's only 1100 people in this town outside Rockford. But the school is great, we have a Subway lol, a couple gas stations and an ice cream store.


Ambers happy with her new school and really that's all that matters to me right now. She just got her hair cut to her shoulders and her ears pierced. She's growing up before my eyes and I'm just amazed at it all.


Mike is really loving his new job, great hours (daytime!!), excellent benefits. He also gets along with everyone at work too. I gotta admit though I miss him more since he's gone all day and before he was home and worked at night.


Me?? lol I've been a little bit busy getting the house unpacked. Getting walls painted. Just settling in again. I've got to get some pictures taken of the new house. All we have left to do is small things -trim, basement, redo bathroom (yeah I consider hire out jobs small- I'm not doing the work).


Meanwhile I've redone the website!! I'm really happy in the way it turned out. I actually can't wait to share it all with you. I've got about 10 more days before we put it up.






~~ 12/23/2006~~


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!


We just received our Christmas present from Santa... Mike got a new job with GE and he starts Jan 15th. We won't have to move again for a LONG LONG time. I think the more stable job is the best present we could get as a family.


Now to move. We have to decide whether or not moving now or later would be more beneficial to Amber. I'm not sure if being away from Mike for 6 months or being taken out of school and thrown into a new one would be more detrimental. We are going to talk to her school counselor and teachers when we go back to session in January. 


Atleast GE is having someone pack my things and haul them to the next spot. We've never done it that way before. I've always had to pack, haul and unpack myself while Mike worked. So it will definitely be a nice change! :) 


My in-laws are in from wisconsin and loving the news that we are coming closer. We called my parents and they are loving the fact we are closer too as they drive from NY to get here. Now it can be a 1 day trip instead of 2.


So anyone from Rockford IL or the surrounding areas want to email me??   I need to find out about schools, area housing prices and taxes. Ohh of course the nearest Gymboree! lol


Well don't worry, I will be updating as much as possible in the next month or so. But I will be out of action while we move. I will post before that happens. :)


Have a wonderful New Year and may you all be healthy, happy and wise!!






~~ 11/8/2006~~

We got news a couple months ago that we might have to move again. This will be our 8th move and it would happen in June right around our 8th anniversary.. kinda fitting lol. But Mike's been going to interviews and hopefully we can find something with a competitive wage and good insurance so that we can stay. 


Amber knows and isn't all that thrilled but is taking it better than we thought. We've been checking in with her teachers and school counselor to see if she's showing any kinds of stress or anger signs. So far so good!! I hope that she's able to handle all this. We've decided not to discuss it around her and to just mention that we 'can't do that right now' if she asks why we're not painting or getting the list of items we made together to make the new house feel like home.


Right now I'm trying to concentrate on Thanksgiving, Christmas party for school and our New Years party here at home. Tons to keep me busy.


We just got done with the schools Carni-Blast this past week and I just loved helping out. I helped do the baskets for it. Where each classroom has a themed basket and all the parents send in items to put into it. Then they are wrapped up and displayed and raffled off with tickets parents purchase. We also had over 40 local companies donate gift cards or products to the baskets. It was so cool to see it all come together and then to see everyone excited to watch the names being drawn. The school made around $2400. 


Now to keep my Christmas spending in check and get my shopping list for thanksgiving dinner done.






~~ 10/31/2006~~


I needed to sit down and go over my thoughts and not perpetuate the drama that was going on in the forums.

I’ve been doing Gymbohaven for over 4 ½ years now. I have cherished and loved every minute of it. It means a lot to me and I’ve worked hard to keep it going and to expand on it.

It has taken a lot of my time and energy to get Gymbohaven to where it is. My husband, thank god, is a very thoughtful and caring man who has helped and encouraged me along the way.

I will not be shutting down Gymbohaven at all. We will still be updating and sending out the newsletter. But the forums are closing. Due to situations that occurred between moderators, the members and myself. It is unfortunate that it had to happen but it opens other doors for us to continue to develop and flourish with.

Amber is outgrowing Gymboree and the brands that she has worn through out the years. She’s becoming a pre-teen and is really blossoming into a young lady. She, lol, could care less about her clothes and wants to spend more time with friends and on activities. These are things that I need to concentrate on more. As all families do, we grow up, move on but continue to share with one another.

She is the reason Gymbohaven began. My addiction to Gymboree clothing sprang up when she was first born. A gift I received at my baby shower started this entire community. Funny, how something so small could create something so big, wonderful and exciting.

It has been a blessing to share all of this with you over the last few years. To hear stories of your families, see the kids grow and share our love of Gymboree.

I hope Gymbohaven continues to grow with you, please send in any suggestions! Thanks so much for the support and love over the last 4 ½ years.


Owner of Gymbohaven






~~ 1/31/2006~~



Wow! What a weekend... Amber had Monday off from school and we decided to take an impromptu trip to the Mall of America. We spent all of Sunday doing the first two levels and then Mon doing the last two - yep 4 lovely shopping levels!! Mike got to do the Nascar racing against me and we all know who did better :) Then he did the flight simulator for an hr and we shopped at buildabear.

 He just loved the mall, that's a first lol.


Amber got her pictures taken at the one photo store Sadies - fairies.. We're putting Number 3 and 4 up her in new bedroom. I'm thinking of getting number 5 or 6 too, to make it a wall of pictures and do something (painting) around them. 


I got to shop Potterybarnkids, Hanna Anderson, Gymboree, Gapkids, Limited Too, Justice, Disney, Bath and Body, Torrid... we don't have most of this around us.

 Tons of great deals!! 


Amber got to do the amusement park in the middle of the mall, rollercoaster, frogger (dropping tower with frogs hopping instead), Huge trampoline. Tons of food lol. She also had the chance to go swimming at the hotel - daddy got to take her and mommy slept, ohhh such a loving husband :)


We had a blast and are exhausted! Ambers in school and I'm unpacking from the trip. I hope to be writing soon that we are all moved into the new house. The old house is gone :) :) :) They moved in this past weekend and are closing in July for sure. So excited that its all taken care of now. Such a weight off my shoulders.


Now to pack the apartment... get some rest and enjoy the new house. 







~~  1/19/2006  ~~


I know that this blog hasn't been daily but I'm trying to do monthly lol.


We sold the house in TN!! YEAH!!! They move in Jan 26th and close July 26th, its a 6 month lease to purchase deal.


Meanwhile we are trying to work on getting our house here in Iowa closed on Feb 17th 2006!!  We're so excited and we are going to be taking more pictures of the outside today too! They put on the deck and there grass lol...


We're doing good. Ambers still plugging along in school and Mike is working more hrs now as the shift supervisor for 2nd shift. Now to just get the raise to go with it! 


As you probably noticed we moved servers recently and are trying to get pictures back up and descrambled from the move. Please be patient :) 


Thanks so much ladies, couldn't do this without you!!






~~  11/10/2005  ~~


Well things haven't gone too smoothly lately. We lost the deal on our house in TN. So that put this house in Iowa and our earnest money in jeopardy. So we are praying that this next offer will go through and we can move in by December. I'll be soo relaxed and happy after all this is over.


Ambers doing ok in school, adjusting to the new schedule. She's just getting up at 6:30am and the time change messed us up a little. I'm sure were not the only ones that got turned around by it :)







~~  10/08/2005  ~~


Finally! I'm able to get on and post. We had a wonderful offer on our house and hope to close on it Oct. 26th. Which is fantastic! Since we close on our new house in Iowa on Nov. 10th.


I'm soo excited to be moving into a house. We've been in an apartment since July. And we all know what its like to move from a 2000 sq ft home to a 850 sq ft apartment. Its a big adjustment. Alot of what we have is in storage. ~ Yes I took the gymbo with me to the apartment lol!


Amber is patiently waiting to get her own room again. We are going to go in and paint before moving furniture in. Hope it will be easier this way.


Mike's been working overtime alot since he's the low man on the totem pole again with the move. We miss him alot! But soon he'll be getting Sundays off and we'll be able to see him.


I hope everyone's enjoying the new things on the site. Let me know if there are any suggestions you have. Love to hear them.





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