Easter - Garden Bloom


Women's Floral Border Dress68.00 Women's Floral Print Skirt48.00

Women's Short-Sleeve Sweater Cardigan48.00 Women's Floral Print Top38.00

Women's Stripe Pant48.00

Big Girls

Hippity Hop Vintage Chic

Beautiful Bunny Bows & Blooms

Easter Sunday Egg Hunt

Kid Girl Flower Tight12.00 Kid Girl Floral Ruffle Sock5.00

Kid Girl Flower Sock5.00 Kid Girl Eyelet Ruffle Sock5.00

Kid Girl Pink Bow Sandal28.50 Kid Girl White Mary Jane34.50

White Gloves9.50 Pearl Jewelry Set9.50

Green Flower Sunglasses9.50 Floral Print Sunglasses9.50

Kid Girl Floral Sun Hat12.50 Kid Girl Bow Hat14.50

Bunny Basket Bag16.50 Bunny Bag16.50

Pink Bow Bag16.50 Eyelet Lace Bag16.50

Easter Charms8.00 Bunny Ears9.50

Bow Snapclips6.00 Flower Pony Holder5.00

Eyelet Bow6.00 Green Big Bow Headband7.00

Pink Big Bow Headband7.00 White Big Bow Headband7.00

Striped Flower Panty4.50 Pink Flower Panty4.50



Kid Girl Smocked Woven Party Dress49.00 Kid Girl Floral Border Print Dress49.00

Kid Girl Floral Print Knit Dress32.50 Eyelet Ruffle Dress32.50

Pleated Flower Skirt26.50 Kid Girl Embroidered Floral Skirt26.50

Kid Girl Seersucker Jacket39.50 Kid Girl Ribbon Yoke Cardigan Sweater34.50

Kid Girl Embroidered Short-Sleeve Cardigan32.50 Scallop Hem Top24.50

Kid Girl Ruffle Woven Top24.50 Floral Print Camisole14.50

Striped Tank14.50 Sequin Flower A-line Top22.50

Kid Girl Corsage Tee19.50 Kid Girl Flower Hem Tee19.50

Striped Sequined Flower Tee19.50 Ribbon Tank10.50

Yellow Ribbon Tank10.50 Ribbon Tank10.50

Double-Layer Tee12.50 Double-Layer Tee12.50

Double-Layer Tee12.50

Scallop Hem Pant34.50 Kid Girl Floral Woven Pant29.50

Pink Cargo Capri29.50 Cargo Capri29.50

Rhinestone Pocket Capri28.50 Kid Girl Floral Stripe Knit Capri20.50

Kid Girl Seersucker Bermuda Short34.50 Basic Knit Short12.50

Basic Knit Short12.50 Basic Knit Short12.50

Kid Girl Floral Print Bike Short12.50 Kid Girl Floral Stripe Bike Short12.50

Bike Short10.50 Bike Short10.50

Baby Girls

Easter Best Pink Posies

Lovely in Lace Snappy Dresser


Baby Girl Ruffle Flower Tight12.00 Baby Girl Floral Ruffle Sock5.00

Baby Girl Flower Sock5.00 Baby Girl Eyelet Ruffle Sock5.00

Baby Girl Bow Sandal28.50 Baby Girl White Mary Jane34.50

Eyelet Hat14.50 Baby Girl Floral Sun Hat12.00

Baby Girl Bow Hat14.50

Floral Hair Curlies5.00 Yellow and Pink Hair Loops5.00

Floral Hair Bows5.00 Floral Print Sunglasses9.50

Baby Girl Seersucker One-Piece28.50 Baby Girl Pleated Floral Dress32.50

Swiss Dot Ruffle Dress39.50 Baby Girl Smocked Woven Party Dress42.00

Seems to be a change!! The ribbon on this dress has changed over night - let me know if you ever get the pink one!!

Baby Girl Floral Scallop-Hem Dress Baby Girl Floral Scallop-Hem Dress42.00

Baby Girl Floral Border Dress49.00 Baby Girl Embroidered Skirted Bloomer22.50

Baby Girl Pointelle Posy Cardigan Sweater34.50 Tiered Eyelet Tank19.50

Baby Girl Corsage A-line Tee22.50 Spring Garden Tee19.50

Posy Knit A-line Top22.50 Baby Girl Posy Border Tee19.50

Baby Girl Embroidered Short-Sleeve Cardigan32.50 Baby Girl Ruffle Woven Top24.50

Scallop Hem Top24.50 Ribbon Tank10.50

Ribbon Tank10.50 Collared Posy Bodysuit16.50


Baby Girl Wallpaper Floral Knit Pant18.50 Baby Girl Floral Woven Pant26.50

Scallop Hem Pant30.00 Floral Print Eyelet Bloomer16.50

Baby Girl Floral Bike Short12.50 Baby Girl Floral Stripe Bike Short12.50

Bike Short10.50





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